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Vladimir Holan - Selected poems

Vladimir Holan was born in Prague in 1905. He spent his childhood in the rolling wooded countryside of central Bohemia but returned to Prague for his secondary schooling. In 1926 he published his first book of verse. For the next seven years he worked in a social insurance (pensions)officeand during this time published two further volumes of poetry. In 1929 he visited northern Italy; the fascination of its architecture, scenery and cultural past colours some of his later poetry. In 1933 he became editor of an arts review, Zivot (Life), but since 1940 has given all his time to writing. He has published more than twenty volumes of poetry, apart from various selections and anthologies, and four prose works, including Lemuria (1940), his diary of the years 1934-8.

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MCQs in Computer Science

This book is primarily written for undergraduate students of computer Science seeking admission to master’s program in computer science through examinations like GATE and GRE (in computer science). It will also be helpful for those taking computer science tests conducted by some companies for recruitment. It contains more than 1800 questions from the core areas of computer science. The questions are grouped subject wise.
The book now has sixteen chapters. The first chapter deals with the programming language C that is still popular  in spite of its age. The second chapter contains questions on UNIX, which has become popular due to its simple and easy to understand structure. In the third chapter, a veriety of problems based on the principles of programming languages are discussed. The fourth chapter, Mathematical Foundations of computer science, has been revamped. It has questions based on the mathematical principles that are vital to the better understanding of computer science. Numero…

Quantum Computing Explained by David McMohan

At the present time quantum computers are mostly theoretical constructs. However, it has been proved that in at least some cases quantum computation is much faster in principle than any done by classical computer. The most famous algorithm developed is Shor’s factoring algorithm, which shows that a quantum computer, if one could be constructed, could quickly crack the codes currently used to secure the world’s data. Quantum information processing systems can also do remarkable things not possible otherwise, such as teleporting the state of a particle from one place to another and providing unbreakable cryptography systems.
A classical computer has amemorymade up ofbits, where each bit is represented by either a one or a zero. A quantum computer maintains a sequence ofqubits. A single qubit can represent a one, a zero, or anyquantum superpositionof those twoqubit states; a pair of qubits can be in any quantum superposition of 4 states, and three qubits in any superposition of 8 states. …

Jahan e Deedah By S.MuftiTaqi Usmani

This is an Urdu language book of journey.Mr.Muhammad Taqi Usmani visited twenty countries and wrote the whole story in this book. This is an interesting book for general readers full of new experiences outside the home country.
Writer of this book started his journeys from the sacred places of Muslim world, various journeys of the writer were published in "Al Ablagh" in series.

In this book the author collected all these journeys. Read and have fun.

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The English Language From Sound to Sense

The Perspectives on Writing series addresses writing studies in a broad sense.Consistent with the wide ranging approaches characteristic of teaching and scholarship in writing across the curriculum, the series presents works that take divergent perspectives on working as a writer, teaching writing, administering writing programs, and studying writing in its various forms.
When you read, watch for unfamiliar words or phrases or words used in unfamiliar ways. Try to determine their meaning by the other information you are given in the sentence or paragraph. Re-read a paragraph and state it in your own words. Start by thinking, "This paragraph says that…" or "This probably means…."Re-read. If you find reading a textbook somewhat difficult, read a few pages and then go back and read them again. Many times your knowledge of the topic will increase as you read further, so that when you re-read earlier material you understand it more easily and clearly.
Using a diction…

KPK Police A1 and B1 Exams Notes

We are thankful to Mr.Fakhre Alam (Police Department) for providing us this useful book.
further Library of Peshawar's team took three days in scanning and converting it to pdf form,
this book is totally free for downloading only for educational purposes.

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KPK Police Civil Defence Fire Man by Hidayat Ullah Khalil

Another Hot topic for the youths of kpk police.this is the first chapter of fireman course in civil depence category.
We thank Mr. Fakhre Alam for this useful post, by the help of whom we are able to make this available online.

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KPK Police B1 Exam Notes

Complete Notes for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Exam B-1 in Urdu language.
Available for online reading or free downloading.

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Dilchasp Anokhy Waqiat by Mulana Arsalan

This is an urdu language book of interesting accidents and life changing events.we believe that a good book is a good friend and a very good gift.
This book is available for free online reading and downloading.

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Pakistan Affairs MCQs Book

A very useful book for competative exams and general readers for expanding your Pakistan knowledge in the for of short questions.
This book is available for online reading or downloading.

Pakistanofficially theIslamic Republic of Pakistan is a country inSouth Asia. It is thesixth-most populouscountry with a population exceeding199 million people.It is the 36th largest country in the world in terms of area with an area covering 881,913 km2(340,509 sq mi). Pakistan has a 1,046-kilometre (650 mi)coastlinealong theArabian Seaand theGulf of Omanin the south and is bordered byIndiato the east,Afghanistanto the west,Iranto the southwest andChinain the far northeast respectively. It is separated fromTajikistanby Afghanistan's narrowWakhan Corridorin the north, and also shares amaritime borderwithOman.
Pakistan is afederalparliamentary republicconsisting offour provinces and four federal territories. It is anethnicallyandlinguisticallydiverse country, with a similar variation in itsgeographya…

Pakistan Foriegn Policy 1947-04

A Detailed book on Pakistan Foreign Policy from 1947 to 2004, and a nice material for the students of competative exams.available for online reading and free download.

Pakistan's Foreign Policy: an Overview, a briefing paper by PILDAT, is a special presentation in the context of the PILDAT Short Course for Parliamentarians and Politicians on The Foreign Policy Process in Pakistan. Developed by PILDAT, as a part of the Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Consortium - PLSC, supported financially by the USAID, the paper looks at the major foreign policy phases and development of perspectives in the foreign policy of Pakistan. The paper has been especially commissioned by PILDAT to provide a comprehensive overview of Pakistan's foreign policy from 1947-2004. The briefing paper, essentially prepared for parliamentarians, can also serve as a stand-alone reference document on the foreign policy of Pakistan to-date. Authored by the renowned defence and political analyst, Prof. Dr. Hasan-…

1000 Khubsurat Ashaar

Top 1000 urdu ashaar in clear display converted to pdf book by the library of peshawar.
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Brush Up Your Poetry!

A very precious guide for thos people who are interested in english poetry. this book consists of some master piece of the greatest poets of english language.
This book is available for free download and online reading.

      Poetry is as old as Western culture itself. Our earliest narratives— including the Hebrew Bible and the works of Homer—are written in verse. For centuries, poetry was synonymous with literature; practically every great literary work, and most minor ones, were verse: the Greek drama, the Classical epics, The Divine Comedy, Shakespeare's plays and sonnets—all are written in verse.       Poetry obviously doesn't get the respect it used to. There's been a recent revival of interest, in caf├ęs, in bookstores, and even on television. But for many, poetry is just something they were forced to read in school. They find it difficult and pretentious, or vague and melodramatic. Poetry still has prestige, but few read or speak it.       At least, few realize they…