Thursday, July 23, 2015

Changez Khan by Herald Liam

Genghis Khan (1162 – 18 August 1227), born Temüjin, was the founder and Great Khan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his demise.
He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia. After founding the Mongol Empire and being proclaimed "Genghis Khan," he started the Mongol invasions that resulted in the conquest of most of Eurasia. 
Here is an urdu translation of the history of Changez Khan by the great history writer Herald liam for free download or online reading.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finite Maths by Seymour Lipschutz

     Seymour Saul Lipschutz is an author of technical books on pure mathematics and probability, including a collection of Schaum's Outlines.
    Lipschutz received his Ph.D. in 1960 from New York University's Courant Institute . He received his BA and MA degrees in Mathematics at Brooklyn College. He was a mathematics professor at Temple University, and before that on the faculty at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.
Here is a great book on the tough subject of it online or download for free

      Finite mathematics has in recent years become an integral part of the mathematical background necessary for such diverse fields as biology, chemistry, economics, psychology, sociology, education, political science, business and engineering. This book, in presenting the more essential material, is designed for use as a supplement to all current standard texts or as a textbook for a formal course in finite mathematics.

    The material has been divided into twenty five chapters,  since the logical arrangement is thereby not disturbed while the usefulness as a text and reference book on any of several levels is greatly increased. The basic areas covered are:  logic; set theory; vectors and matrices; counting – permutations, combinations and partitions; probability and Markov chains; linear programming and game theory. The area on vectors and matrices includes a chapter on systems of linear equations; it is in this context that the important concept of linear dependence and independence is introduced. The area on linear programming and game theory includes a chapter on inequalities and one on points, lines and hyperplanes; this is done to make this section self contained.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Visual Basic 6 Blackbook by Steven Holzner

This book has been designed to give you the coverage you just won’t find in any other book. Other books often omit not only the larger topics, like deploying your program after you’ve created it and creating Help files, but also the smaller ones, like covering in depth just about every control that comes with Visual Basic, including the ActiveX controls—from the MS chart control to flat scroll bars, from the serial port comm control to the Internet transfer control.
Really this is a black book , read an decide.
Welcome to our big book on Visual Basic. It’s no secret that Visual Basic is the
favorite programming environment of many programmers. (In fact, you’re reading a book written by one of those programmers right now.) When Visual Basic first appeared, it created a revolution in Windows programming, and that revolution continues to this day. Never before had Windows programming been so easy—just build the program you want, right before your eyes, and then run it. Visual Basic introduced unheard-of ease to Windows programming and changed programming from a chore to something very fun.
We’ll start with an overview of Visual Basic, taking a look at topics common to the material in the rest of the text. In this chapter, we’ll create the foundation we’ll rely on later as we take a look at the basics of Visual Basic, including how to create Visual Basic projects and seeing what’s in such projects. We’ll also get an overview of essential Visual Basic concepts like forms, controls, events, properties, methods, and so on. And we’ll examine the structure of a Visual Basic program, taking a look at variables, variable scope, and modules. In other words, we’re going to lay bare the anatomy of a Visual Basic program here.

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XHTM ,HTML and CSS Bible Steven M. Schafer

Steven M. Schafer is a broad technologist and a veteran of publishing. He’s been in and around technology as a programmer, an editor, a product specialist, a technical manager, and a Web developer. Steve employs both open-source and proprietary technologies and has worked with the Internet since the mid-1990s.
This book is geared toward a wide audience. Readers who are just getting started with HTML and Web content will benefit the most, as this book provides both a solid learning foundation as well as ample reference material for later perusal. Experienced users will find the chapters covering new standards and technologies to be the most useful, but also will appreciate having a
comprehensive reference for consultation. Although the Web is technical in nature, this book boils down the technology into simple and straightforward terms. Whether you qualify as a computer scientist or as a computer neophyte,

you will be able to understand, adopt, and deploy the information throughout this book.As the Web continued to be adopted outside of the government and educational sectors, it became more consumer-savvy. Many companies began using the Web infrastructure for marketing and support purposes, while many Web developers began to target a wider, nontechnical, audience. By the early 2000s, the Web was accessible by almost any network-connected computer, many electronic devices, and some unlikely consumer devices such as automobiles. Each of these connected devices uses the same type of connection, the same languages to define documents, and the same protocols to send the information.

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NTS Solved Papers by Dogar Publishers

A complete Guide book for NTS for those who want success in NTS.
All the departments are using NTS for enrolling employees in Pakistan,therefore it is very essential material.Library of Peshawar offer it free downloading or online reading.

Controversy erupted in 2007 following the mandating of NTS testing, first announced by Khalid Maqbool, Governor of Punjab, with regards to admission to universities and later set aside by the government unless the laws regarding university admission were amended. Criticism included allegations that the services were inconvenient to access and prohibitively expensive to economically challenged students. Maqbool called for input from the vice-chancellors of Punjab's public universities on 4 June. That year, each university department was permitted to set its own entrance requirements, with six of 64 departments at Punjab University electing to utilize tests from NTS. In October 2007, the vice-chancellor of Punjab University, Muhammad Arif Butt, endorsed the use of NTS testing in all departments of the university.  NTS director Dr. Haroon Rasheed said that no tuition centres are associated with the service and NTS exams will not be out of course
NTS is a Member of the International Association for Educational Assessment, USA (IAEA).It is also recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The NTS was developed to ensure quality educational standards in Pakistan and to "provide a national scale for comparative grading between institutes,  consolidating examination boards under one administrating body. According to Shahid Siddiqui, director of The Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences at the Lahore School of Economics, tests implemented prior to the development of the NTS were criticized as not accommodating socio-cultural differences, resulting in a need for "an indigenous testing service that should design and develop testing materials within an indigenous context. Prominent Pakistani institutions like COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT),Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) and Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE) have made it compulsory for students seeking admission to have cleared tests conducted by NTS.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

HTML WebDesign in 7 days by Siamak Sarmady

A very great book for those who want to learn HTML with the easiest way, with the help of this book anybody can learn HTML course just within a week.
We are preparing its urdu translation which will be published soon Here.
Read this book online or download for free.
Web pages are ordinary files with “.htm” or “.html” file extensions. They contain a code named "hyper text mark-up language" or html. This codes when viewed in a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox or other web browsers will be seen as a web page. Web pages you see in a browser might seem simple, but the code under the web page may sometimes be complicated.
You can use a web page editor like Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Dreamweaver or similar to create web pages. Webpage editor software works like Microsoft Word™ (a complicated editor program used for creating and editing pages of books, letters etc.). You just type text, insert graphics and finally save your document as an html web page. Web page design software will generate the html code in background and saves it in html file. Designing web pages in such software can be very easy. But if you are going to create dynamic, well designed, professional web pages you will find that this is not a good option. A professional web developer needs to understand the html code itself very well.
Second option is to learn html codes and write html pages in a simple text editor. As mentioned earlier, your codes will be seen as WebPages when viewed in a web browser. After you have learned html code and you are confident about your HTML knowledge, you can use web page design software like Dreamweaver to speed up the process of editing pages.

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Latoon k Bhoot by Aitbar Sajid

Aitbar Sajid  is one of the best known Urdu poets of our time, born in Multan Division now lives in Islamabad. His poetry has attracted millions.
His name appeared in the circle of Urdu Adab 27 years ago. He is a well known Poet, Essay writer, travelogue writer and short story writer but his poetry made him known to each Urdu lover. Many compilations of his poetry have been published. 
Here is an interesting book by Aitbar Sajid for online reading or downloading free

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Lambi Larki Rajinder Singh Bedi

Rajinder Singh Bedi (September 1, 1915 – 1984) was an Urdu writer of progressive writers' movement, playwright, who later became a Hindi film director, screenwriter and dialogue writer.
As a screenwriter and dialogue writer, he is best known for Hrishikesh Mukherjee's films Abhimaan, Anupama and Satyakam; and Bimal Roy's Madhumati. As a director he is known for Dastak (1970), starring Sanjeev Kumar and Rehana Sultan and Phagun (1973), starring Dharmendra, Waheeda Rehman, Jaya Bhaduri and Vijay Arora.

Bedi is considered one of the leading 20th century progressive writers of Urdu fiction, and one of the most prominent Urdu fiction writers. He is most known for his "disturbing" Partition of India tales.
Read online or download for free Rajendar singh bedi's Lambi Larki.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bang e dara By Allama Iqbal

Sir Muhammad Iqbal  (9 November 1877 – 21 April 1938), widely known as Allama Iqbal ,was an academic, poet, barrister, philosopher, and politician in British India who is widely regarded as having inspired the Pakistan Movement. He is considered one of the most important figures in Urdu literature,with literary work in both the Urdu and Persian languages.
Iqbal is admired as a prominent poet by Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and other international scholars of literature.
Here is  Allama Iqbal 's Bang e Dara for free online reading or downloading.

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Raw Ki sazish by A.Hameed

Abdul Hameed (1928 – 29 April 2011) was an Urdu fiction writer from Pakistan, who wrote over two hundred books.He passed his secondary education in Amritsar. He migrated to Lahore after the independence of Pakistan in 1947 and passed intermediate in Pakistan as a private candidate and join Radio Pakistan as assistant script editor. After working at Radio Pakistan for several years he joined Voice of America.
Read Online or download for free A.Hameed's Raw Ki Sazish.

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In the Line of Fire in Urdu by Parvez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf was born on 11 August 1943 to an Urdu-speaking family in Delhi, India, four years before independence. He is the son of Syed and Zarin Musharraf. His father, Syed Musharraf, graduated from Aligarh Muslim University, in Aligarh, India and was a civil servant for the Government Of India. His mother, Zarin, born in the early 1920s, also worked as an academic and graduated from Aligarh Muslim University.
Morever he is a Pakistani politician and a retired four-star rank army general who tenured as the tenth President of Pakistan from 2001 until tendering resignation to avoid impeachment in 2008.
Here is an Urdu translated book of Parvez Musharaf for online reading or free downloading.

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Guloona Takaloona By Ajmal Khattak

Ajmal Khattak (15 September 1925 – 7 February 2010) was a Pakistani politician, writer, Pashtun poet, Khudai Khidmatgar, former President of Awami National Party and close friend of the late Khan Wali Khan.
He was the author of many books in Pashto and had written 13 books in Pushto and Urdu including a History of Pushto Literature (in Urdu) 'Pakistan Main Qaumi Jamhoori Tehrikin, Da Ghirat Chagha, Batoor, Gul auo Perhar, Guloona auo Takaloona, Jalawatan ki Shairee, Pukhtana Shora and Da Wakht Chagha. In 2006, the Torlandi Pukhto Adabi Tolana, Swabi, conferred on Ajmal Khattak the title of Baba-i-Nazam at a big public mushaira.
His work has been the subject of renewed interest by the South Asian Studies Department at the University of Pennsylvania, which has translated his works into English.
From boyhood, Ajmal Khattak was exposed to independence political movements, for the hujra (guesthouse) at Akora Khattak had been a focal point for dissidence since the days when Khushal Khan Khattak raised his banner against the Moghul Emperor, Aurangzeb, in the seventeenth century. The Pushtun have never been completely united, partly because so few live scattered over such a large area, and splits in political loyalty at the tribal level occurred among the Khattak even as Khushal fought the Moghuls.
Successive attempts to unite the Pushtun by conquest by the Afghan Durrani Empire (1747-1793), the Sikh Empire of the Punjab (1801-1849), and the gradual absorption of most of the Indian subcontinent in the nineteenth century by the British accentuated these divisions. Tribes and elements within tribes became known as either pro-British or anti-British. The khans of the pro-British units usually were awarded tracts of land in the Settled Districts of the North-West Frontier Province (N-WFP) now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Baluchistan, or elsewhere.
Here is a great book of the great pushtoon for online reading or downloading free.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lewantob by Akmal Lewaney

Pashto-speakers have long had a tradition of oral literature, including proverbs, stories, and poems. Written Pashto literature saw a rise in development in the 17th century mostly due to poets like Khushal Khan Khattak (1613–1689), who, along with Rahman Baba (1650–1715), is widely regarded as among the greatest Pashto poets. From the time of Ahmad Shah Durrani (1722–1772), Pashto has been the language of the court. The first Pashto teaching text was written during the period of Ahmad Shah Durrani by Pir Mohammad Kakerr with the title of Ma'refa al-Afghāni (“Introduction of Afghani [Pashto]”). After that, the first grammar book of Pashto verbs was written in 1805 in India under the title of Riāz al-Muhabat(“Training in Affection”) through the patronage of Nawab Mohabat Khan, son of Hafiz Rahmat Khan, chief of the Barech. Nawabullah Yar Khan, another son of Hafiz Rahmat Khan, in 1808 wrote a book of Pashto words entitled Ajāyeb al-Lughat("Wonders of Languages").

Here is a very nice book of pashto poetry by akmal lewaney, it reflects pashtoon culture in every verse, a lot of video poetry by akmal lewaney is available on youtube.
Read online Lewantob of Akmal Lewaney from Shamozo, Mardan, or Free download for offline Reading.

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Parts of Speach Made Easy by Afzal Anwar Mufti

English words are not generally marked as belonging to one part of speech or another; this contrasts with many other European languages, which use inflection more extensively, meaning that a given word form can often be identified as belonging to a particular part of speech and having certain additional grammatical properties. In English, most words are uninflected, while the inflective endings that exist are mostly ambiguous: -ed may mark a verbal past tense, a participle or a fully adjectival form; -s may mark a plural noun or a present-tense verb form; -ing may mark a participle, gerund, or pure adjective or noun. Although -ly is a frequent adverb marker, some adverbs (e.g. tomorrow, fast, very) do not have that ending, while some words with that ending (e.g. friendly, ugly) are not adverbs.
Many English words can belong to more than one part of speech. Words like neigh, break, outlaw, laser, microwave, and telephone might all be either verbs or nouns. In certain circumstances, even words with primarily grammatical functions can be used as verbs or nouns, as in, "We must look to the hows and not just the whys." The process whereby a word comes to be used as a different part of speech is called conversion or zero derivation.
By the end of the 2nd century BC grammarians had expanded this classification scheme into eight categories, seen in the Art of Grammar, attributed to Dionysius Thrax.
1.   Noun : a part of speech inflected for case, signifying a concrete or abstract entity
2.   Verb : a part of speech without case inflection, but inflected for tense, person and number, signifying an activity or process performed or undergone
3.   Participle : a part of speech sharing features of the verb and the noun
4.   Article : a declinable part of speech, taken to include the definite article, but also the basic relative pronoun
5.   Pronoun : a part of speech substitutable for a noun and marked for a person
6.   Preposition : a part of speech placed before other words in composition and in syntax
7.   Adverb : a part of speech without inflection, in modification of or in addition to a verb, adjective, clause, sentence, or other adverb
8.   Conjunction : a part of speech binding together the discourse and filling gaps in its interpretation

A best book by afzal anwar mufti especially for those beginners who want to learn english without the help of teacher.there is a whole series of made easy by the same author.we'll try to provide as much books of the author as possible.

                             a good book is a unique gift.

Read Parts of Speech made easy online or download for free.

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Khud Kalami by Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir  (24 November 1952 – 26 December 1994) was an Urdu poet, teacher and a civil servant of the Government of Pakistan. Parveen started writing at an early age and published her first volume of poetry, Khushbu [Fragrance], to great acclaim, in 1976. She subsequently published other volumes of poetry – all well-received – Sad-barg [Marsh Marigold] in 1980, Khud Kalami [Soliloquy] and Inkar[Denial] in 1990, Kaf e Aina [The Mirror's Edge] besides a collection of her newspaper columns, titled Gosha-e-Chashm [The Sight Corner], and was awarded one of Pakistan's highest honours, the Pride of Performance for her outstanding contribution to literature. The poetry books are collected in the volume Mah e Tamam [Full Moon] with the exception of Kaf e Aina.Parveen died in 1994 in a car accident while on her way to work.
Read Parveen Shakir’s Khud Kalami Online or Download for Free.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bacha Khan by prof. Waqar Ali Shah

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (6 February 1890 – 20 January 1988) nicknamed as Bacha Khan ("king of chiefs") was a Pashtun  independence activist against the rule of the British Raj. He was a political and spiritual leader known for his nonviolent opposition, and a lifelong pacifist and devout Muslim. A close friend of Mahatma Gandhi, Bacha Khan was nicknamed the "Frontier Gandhi" in British India. Bacha Khan founded the Khudai Khidmatgar ("Servants of God") movement in 1929, whose success triggered a harsh crackdown by the British Empire  against him and his supporters, and they suffered some of the most severe repression of the Indian independence movement.
Here is the life story of Bacha Khan by Prof. Waqar Ali Shah,Read it online or download for free.

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101 Ready to Use Excel Formulas by Michael Alexander

Formulas are the true engines of Excel. Employing various Excel functions, formulas enable Excel analysts to create aggregated reporting, complex calculation engines,clever dashboard models, and much more. Indeed, Excel analysts become more productive as their proficiency with Excel functions and formulas improves.
Here is a great book of excel formulas for online reading or free downloading.
Formulas are the true engines of Excel. Employing various Excel functions, formulas enable Excel analysts to create aggregated reporting, complex calculation engines, clever dashboard models, and much more. Indeed, Excel analysts become more productive as their proficiency with Excel functions and formulas improves. But building proficiency with Excel functions and formulas takes time. Given that Excel contains more than 400 functions, you could spend months, even years, learning which functions are best for certain tasks and which functions can be combined with others functions.
Unfortunately, many analysts don’t have the luxury of taking a few weeks’ time-out to learn all they need to know about Excel functions and formulas. The scenarios and issues they face require solutions now.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Marshal Law ka Siasi Andaz by M.A.K.Chaudhary

Military coups in Pakistan began in 1958 and there have been three successful attempts. There have also been numerous unsuccessful attempts since 1949. Since its independence in 1947, Pakistan has spent several decades under military rule (1958 – 1971, 1977 – 1988, 1999 – 2008).
Learn a brief note on this topic by M.A.K Choudhary online or download for offline reading.

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Black's Medical Dictionary by Dr.Harwey Marcovitch

     A gift for medical students from the Library of Peshawar, it's the most famous dictionary among st medical consist of all the definitions of medical terms and solutions to medical problems.
Read Online or download for free.

    Black’s Medical Dictionary first appeared in 1906. That new century was to see health care in the United Kingdom evolve from a largely personal, paternalistic consultation between doctor and patient, based more on medical tradition than medical science, to a complex, science-based, team-oriented and managed service. Even so, the core of medical practice has survived: the face-to-face consultation between doctor and patient. But the nature of this core activity has been irreversibly altered by a shift in the ‘balance of power’ between the participants as patients became better informed about their health, illnesses and possible treatments. A significant catalyst in the emergence of the informed patient has been the media, including publications like this dictionary, the contents of which have during its 41 editions reflected these changes in medicine. 
     One modest constant in this sea of change, however, has been the
objective of Black’s Medical Dictionary. When launching the first edition, the editor, Edinburgh physician John D. Comrie, declared his aim as being to produce ‘a work which would occupy a position somewhere between that of a Technical Dictionary of Medicine and one intended merely for the domestic treatment of common ailments . . . [giving] information in simple language upon medical subjects of importance and general interest’. That initial mission statement underpins this first edition of the 21st century.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Zaheer Ud Din Babar By Herald Liem

Download Free or read online Biography book "Zaheer Ud Din Babar" written by Herald Liem and Urdu Translation By Syed hashmi Fareed Abadi.Zaheer ud din Muhammad Babur is accepted as architect of the Mughal absolutism which disqualified Indian Empire for about one hundred and fifty years and won abounding acclaim in assorted domains of life.

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The Green Book by Col.Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi  (1942 – 20 October 2011), commonly known as Colonel Gaddafi, was a Libyan revolutionary and politician who governed Libya as its primary leader from 1969 to 2011. Taking power in a coup d'etat, he ruled as Revolutionary Chairman of the Libyan Arab Republic from 1969 to 1977 and then as the "Brotherly Leader" of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya from 1977 to 2011, when he was ousted in the Libyan Civil War. Initially developing his own variant of Arab nationalism and Arab socialism known as the Third International Theory, he later embraced Pan-Africanism and served as Chairperson of the African Union from 2009 to 2010.
Here is the the Urdu translation of the Green Book by Muammar Qaddafi,Read online or download for free.

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Loz by Sudhir Sada

A great collection of pashto poetry, contributed to pashto language sudhir sada.a young pashto poet of modern age.this book was written in saudia arabia by sudhir sada.
Read online or download for free this great book.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

English Guru (Learn English in Urdu )

My aim, if you like, was to provide a ‘grammar’ of English behaviour. Native speakers can rarely explain the grammatical rules of their own language. In the same way, those who are most ‘fluent’ in the rituals, customs and traditions of a particular culture generally lack the detachment necessary to explain the ‘grammar’ of these practices in an intelligible manner. This is why we have anthropologists. Most people obey the unwritten rules of their society instinctively, without being conscious of doing so. For example, you automatically get dressed in the morning without consciously reminding yourself that there is an unspoken rule of etiquette that prohibits going to work in one’s pyjamas. But if you had an anthropologist staying with you and studying you, she would be asking: ‘Why are you changing your clothes?’ ‘What would happen if you went to work in pyjamas?’ ‘What else can’t you wear to work?’ ‘Why is it different on Fridays?’ ‘Does everyone in your company do that?’ ‘Why don’t the senior managers follow the Dress-down Friday custom?’ And on, and on, until you were heartily sick of her. Then she would go and watch and interrogate other people – from different groups within your society – and, hundreds of nosy questions and observations later, she would eventually decipher the ‘grammar’ of clothing and dress in your culture

In my case, the difficulties of the participant element are somewhat reduced, as I have chosen to study the complexities of my own native culture. This is not because I consider the English to be intrinsically more interesting than other cultures, but because I have a rather wimpish aversion to the dirt, dysentery, killer insects, ghastly food and primitive sanitation that characterize the mud-hut ‘tribal’ societies studied by my more intrepid colleagues.
In the macho field of ethnography, my avoidance of discomfort and irrational preference for cultures with indoor plumbing are regarded as quite unacceptably feeble, so I have, until recently, tried to redeem myself a bit by studying the less salubrious aspects of English life: conducting research in violent pubs, seedy nightclubs, run-down betting shops and the like. Yet after years of research on aggression, disorder, violence, crime and other forms of deviance and dysfunction, all of which invariably take place in disagreeable locations and at inconvenient times, I still seemed to have risen no higher in the estimation of mud-hut ethnographers accustomed to much harsher conditions.

Which brings us, inevitably, to the problem of globalization. During the research for this book, I was often asked (by members of the chattering classes) what was the point in my writing about Englishness, or indeed any other national identity, when the inexorable spread of American cultural imperialism would soon make this an issue of purely historical interest? Already, I was told, we are living in a dumbed-down, homogenized McWorld, in which the rich tapestry of diverse and distinctive cultures is being obliterated by the all-consuming consumerism of Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Disney and other multinational capitalist giants.

A very nice book for english learners in urdu, you can start speaking fluent english just in a month with the help of this book. There is no need to join academies and fulfill large fees. if one want to learn something he might learn better himself.
This good book is free to read online or download for offline reading.

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